About Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness is designed to give you “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. It teaches a method by which you can achieve the sacred purpose of your life.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga applies its science to our bodies and minds, and is aimed at spirit which has no boundaries, no discrimination.

For thousands of years this yogic knowledge was carefully handed down by oral tradition from Master to disciple. The Master spoke, the student memorised and practiced. Eventually a portion of this vast body of knowledge leading to enlightenment, or self-mastery, was written down. Some of these sacred teachings can be found in ancient Vedic texts.

There’s a yogic art and science to all aspects of human life. There’s a yogic way to get up in the morning; there’s a yogic way to go to sleep at night, a way to eat and a way to breathe. Virtually every aspect of human existence has an enlightened, efficient, and effective way to do it. This legacy of technical and spiritual knowledge that Yogi Bhajan studied and mastered in India is the gift he brought to the West.